Our group is located on the 9th floor of the Nagase Hongo Building near the Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo access. The building is located between Akamon (red gate) and Hongo Sanchome Station on Hongo Street, and it takes about 8 minutes on foot from the engineering area, and about 3 minutes on foot from Hongo Sanchome Station.

In addition to the actual robots including robot arms, VR-related equipment and sensors such as depth cameras and motion capture devices are available at the activity site, which can be combined and used according to the purpose of your own research and development activities. We also provide tutorials on how to use the hardware and software.




Human Support Robot

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Equipment List


  • HSR
    • This is a partner robot made by Toyota Motor Corporation.
  • Sawyer
    • 7-DOF robot arm made by Rethink Robotics.
  • xArm7 (2 units)
    • This is a 7-DOF robot arm made by uFactory. Two of them are available at the site of this activity (twin-arm experiment is possible).
  • Roomba
    • Roomba is a cleaning robot made by iRobot, and is used for education and learning. Currently, we are developing introductory teaching materials for Robotic Systems (ROS) using Roomba.
  • TurtleBot2
    • This robot is used for education and learning purposes.
  • HTC Vive
    • This is the most used VR device in our group. In addition to the head-mounted display (HMD), a base station is installed at the activity site to track the posture of the controller.
  • Oculus Quest2
    • This is a standalone HMD.
  • FOVE
    • A HMD that can track the user’s viewpoint.
  • Intel Realsense (i415/i435/i435)
    • This is an RGB-D camera that can collect RGB images and depth images simultaneously. In our group, this camera is used for robot vision.
  • Kinect
    • RGB-D camera.
  • Optitrack
    • This is a motion capture system. It can track and record the posture of a tracker attached to a target with very high periodicity and accuracy.